People Are Already Camping Out In Front Of GameStop For PlayStation 5

Tomorrow is Black Friday, and GameStop locations will have PlayStation 5 consoles in-stock. Store locations are closed for Thanksgiving, and won't open up until 7 a.m. However, that hasn't stopped fans from camping outside of the stores in order to secure their places in line. An image of a line outside of a GameStop location shared by @UtterPWNedNoob on Twitter shows multiple tents that have apparently been there since 2 p.m. It's impossible to say whether or not this will prove to be the case for GameStop locations around the country, but it certainly shows just how high interest is in the next-gen console, at the moment!

The image from @UtterPWNedNoob can be found embedded below.

Given how difficult it is to obtain a PS5 and an Xbox Series X at the moment, it's hardly surprising to see people camping out. GameStop guaranteed that each store location would have at least two of both consoles on Black Friday, and that has clearly earned a lot of attention! Prices for the two systems have been skyrocketing on sites like Ebay, particularly as reseller groups are snagging consoles as soon as they're offered online.

Earlier this month, Best Buy stated that they will not be selling next-gen consoles in store locations until 2021. That decision was made in order to stop fans from lining up outside of store locations during the coronavirus pandemic. With GameStop selling the consoles in stores on Black Friday, that exact thing has happened.


For now, it seems that demand for the PS5 will continue unabated! Those considering waiting in lines such as these, or purchasing a console on sites like Ebay should remember that the console will be much easier to purchase next year. While the novelty of owning a new console is high around the holidays, several of the console's biggest games will be available on PS4, as well. For now, fans should keep that in mind, and consider waiting until the console is more readily available!

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