PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Be Available at GameStop on Black Friday

For those that won't be able to secure a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X this week, GameStop has [...]

For those that won't be able to secure a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X this week, GameStop has offered some positive news: the retailer will have both consoles in-stock on Black Friday. According to a new ad from the company, all stores will have a minimum of two PS5 consoles and two Xbox Series X consoles when stores open at 7 a.m. According to the company's press release, Xbox Series S will also be available that day, but quantities were not mentioned. Also unknown is whether or not the retailer will have the digital version of PS5. That version of the hardware seems to be a bit rarer than the standard edition, so PlayStation fans might have to stick with the latter option.

GameStop's Black Friday ad can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The announcement comes after Best Buy revealed that they will not be offering either next-gen system in-stores until sometime in 2021. The company will have more consoles available for order online, and consumers will be able to pick-up the system at a store location if they so choose, but the system will not be offered on store shelves. This choice was made to prevent people from lining up outside stores during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's not too surprising to see GameStop making the console available in stores, however. The retailer had a difficult holiday season last year, which GameStop attributed to lessened interest in the PS4 and Xbox One towards the end of their mutual lifespans. With interest very high in PS5 and Xbox Series X, GameStop will be looking to make up for lost ground.

Pre-orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X have been very difficult to obtain so far this year, so fans should be happy for the opportunity to pick-up one or both consoles. It remains to be seen whether or not retailers like Walmart or Target will also have the two next-gen consoles on Black Friday, but fans should have a better idea in the very near future!

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