Developer Reveals PS5 Feature They Think Is a "Big Step Forward"

Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn't revealed any revolutionary features for the PlayStation 5. That isn't to say the PS5 isn't packing any, but for now, Sony hasn't divulged anything that makes the PS5 something completely different from the PS4. However, that doesn't mean there aren't big differences worth appreciating. One is the former's SSD, which developers have been going on and on about. But not many have been talking about the PS5's 3D audio, which isn't just for audiophiles. While many overlook the importance of audio, the fact is it's an integral part of games. Very rarely has there been a stellar game that doesn't have at least great audio. And because many don't place significance on audio, hardware makers have largely ignored it. Thankfully, the PS5 isn't.

"As a gamer, it's been a little bit of a frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4," said Sony's Mark Cerny while speaking to Wired earlier this year. "With the next console, the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts of hardware horsepower to it."

As you can see, Mark Cerny is elated about the PS5's audio tech, and he's not the only one. Samuel Justice, Co-Founder and Supervising Sound Designer of Sweet Justice Sound -- a company that helps with the audio on big games -- is also quite excited.

"I think the raw computing power needed to create realistic audio models is largely overlooked," said Justice while speaking to GamesRadar. "In the past, we have managed to create fairly good representations of acoustic modelling through a lot of trickery and clever techniques. The ability to fully realise automated 3D audio is a big step forward for game audio and will certainly result in much richer experiences."


The PlayStation 5 is poised to release sometime holiday 2020. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how much the console will cost. For more news, rumors, leaks, media, and information on the console, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the PS5 by clicking right here.

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