PS5 Pre-Orders Go Live Early, Stock Already Running Out

PS5 pre-orders have gone live early, but at the moment, stock can't keep up with demand. Tomorrow, [...]

PS5 pre-orders have gone live early, but at the moment, stock can't keep up with demand. Tomorrow, the PS5 is officially going on pre-order. However, right after Sony revealed the console's price and release date, some retailers went live with their pre-orders, including Walmart, GameStop, and Target. However, as you would expect, stock at these websites quickly ran out. However, now that so many major retailers have broken the pre-order date, more or likely going to do the same as the night progresses. Meanwhile, some, if not all, of the aforementioned retailers will likely add more stock and take more pre-orders as the night continues as well. That said, you will need to be quick, because every time new pre-orders go up, stock runs dry within minutes. You can keep tabs on the stock via the links below:

Of course, this is just in the United States, but it applies to other regions as well. Right now, it's very difficult to pre-order the console, but hopefully, this will change tomorrow when the console officially goes up for sale. Keeps tabs on those links.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how much quantity Sony is currently sitting on, but early reports suggest it may be tough to find a PS5 at launch and before if demand is high due to the pandemic and its impact on manufacturing.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release worldwide on November 12. Depending on what edition you get it, it will come with a different price. More specifically, the all-digital PS5 will cost you $400 while the standard PS5 with a disc-drive will cost you $500. Of course, this is before shipping, taxes, and all other additional fees.

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