PS5 Retail Box Revealed

After revealing the PS5 price and release date, Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed the retail boxes for both the standard PS5 and the all-digital PS5, or more specifically, Sony has revealed the pair of retail boxes via Amazon. At the moment of publishing, Amazon isn't taking pre-orders for the console until tomorrow, but it has revealed the retail boxes for both consoles.

As you would expect, both designs are the exact same minus the color. The standard PS5 with a disc-drive will sport a white box, while the all-digital PS5 will have a black box. As for the design itself, it's pretty simple. It features the console, the controller, the sacred symbols in the background, and some information about specs and what the console is capable of.

Below, you can check out both boxes for yourself:

The Internet's initial impression seems to be positive, though many are saying the all-digital edition has the better box. And of course, for some, this is a conspiracy. While Sony doesn't make as much money on the all-digital edition at first, it will make more money in the long run because it will make more money for every game sold, assuming many with the standard PS5 cop retail discs of games, which Sony makes less money on.


The PS5 is set to release worldwide on November 12, priced at $400 or $500 depending on what edition you cop.