PlayStation 5 Now Available for Pre-Order for $700

After the massive reveal of Sony's PlayStation 5 and a slate of impressive games, a retailer has [...]

After the massive reveal of Sony's PlayStation 5 and a slate of impressive games, a retailer has now put the PS5 available up for pre-order for a hefty price. Eager fans can head over to Play Asia and place a pre-order for the console for $700, with an interesting mention of a December 2020 release date. However, Sony's event did not include a release date beyond an ambiguous "Holiday 2020," nor did they announce a price point for the console's launch. It is possible that both the date and the hefty price tag are placeholders until Sony makes a more specific announcement for the PS5. But that's not stopping fans from claiming the console from Play Asia, where both the standard version and the digital version of the PlayStation 5 are up for pre-order.

Current rumors and speculation point to a $500 price point for the console and a release sometime between late October and early November. There have been a few leaks here and there that have suggested the console will release in December like the PS1 did; however, it's unlikely Sony would be willing to miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is when a bulk of holiday season shopping is done, especially in North America, the console's primary market.

That said, while we don't know how much the console will cost, there's no way it will cost $700. In fact, even $600 is very unlikely. After all, Sony has admitted in the past this was a bad price point when the PS3 launched with it.

"The PS5 will cost $500, or at least that will be the starting price point," reads a snippet from our opinion piece on why we think the console will cost $500. "Sony has hinted at the PS5 being a bit on the pricey side in the past, which certainly rules out a $400 price point. Meanwhile, rarely do consoles sell at the $50 mark, and if Sony were to choose $450, it would require it to eat some of the costs upfront, which it won't do. At this point, everything points to a $500 price point. There's no way it makes the mistake of charging $600 again, and again, consoles rarely will sell at the $50 mark at the start of the generation, which rules at $550."

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season. For more news, rumors, leaks, and every other type of coverage on the console click here or see the relevant links below: