More PS5 and Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Are Going Live Soon

More Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles are going to be available to pre-order soon for those who are fast enough to get them. The console pre-orders are going live on October 13th at 2 p.m. EST from retailer Antonline, and as those looking to get a new console may have already guessed, the site says the quantities of consoles available will be "extremely limited." They'll likely be unavailable before many people can even load the page, but perhaps some will get lucky and finally secure the pre-orders they've been hunting for.

Antonline announced the plans for the console restocks on Twitter with graphics including the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S. The time and date were set there to show exactly when the consoles would go live on the retailer's pages, so be sure to have the site up and refreshed whenever the pre-orders open to have the best shot at them.

The products shown through the retailer might not be exactly what people are looking for, though they may still be the best shot right now at getting a next-gen console. Pretty much all of the products listed on the site currently before the pre-orders go live are bundles that include things like extra controllers, Xbox Game Pass memberships, new games, headsets, and other accessories. Those additions bump the prices up to close to $800 at times which means you'll be spending a lot more on one of these bundles than you would if you were just getting a console alone.

In a response to someone who asked if the Xbox pre-orders would be for bundles alone or also for the consoles by themselves, the retailer replied to say "you will be able to pre-order bundles" which doesn't really answer the question in full. Another user asking about the PlayStation 5 orders was told "pre-order units will likely be available in bundles only," so plan on going into the pre-orders with a bigger wallet if you're set on getting a new console today.


While both the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles have been selling out quickly right as they become available, it seems more people have shown interest in the PlayStation 5 as opposed to the Xbox Series X. Both are still incredibly hard to pre-order though, so best of luck to anyone who's trying to get their pre-order secured before launch day.