Did Microsoft Steal This Ad Concept Art For Recent PUBG Campaign? (UPDATED)

pubg art

[UPDATE]: Microsoft has since removed the Tweet containing the stolen concept art.

Just yesterday, Team Xbox released a new promotional image for the console version of popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). The image is gorgeous; creative, crisp, and overall pleasing to look at it. The catch however is it appears it might actually have been stolen from a fan.

One Redditor took to the popular online forum to show off his previously created concept ad art for the PUBG Xbox One version over a month ago. Let's compare! Here's the original artwork created by fan 'Macsterr' posted last month:

pubg theft
(Photo: Macsterr)

And then here's the promotional art shared by the official Xbox Twitter on December 26th:


Immediately fans responded in the corresponding Twitter thread calling out the company for blatant art theft. When one Microsoft fan asked "How do you know they didn't purchase it," they were immediately redirected to this post where the original poster (OP) took to the forum once more to voice his outcry over the obvious similarities.

There's one thing for sure, never underestimate the power of the Internet. See? We're not all trolls - sometimes we look out for each other. So far, team Microsoft has yet to comment on the accusations. Though there are key differences, for example different coloured console, different backdrop, text options, and more - it's very easy to see that the overall concept is pretty cut and paste. Did Microsoft's advertising agency steal this person's art? Or is this just some sort of crazy coincidence? You decide.