PUBG Gets Its First Flying Vehicle

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has added quite the feature to its experimental PUBG Labs environment to give the game its first airborne vehicle. It’s called the “Motor Glider,” and it’s a two-seater vehicle that’s the first of its kind in the game. It’s available for testing now until the weekend ends to see if it’s a smart fit to be added to the game permanently, so players can try it out now and offer feedback on it before it’s removed.

This Motor Glider can seat a pilot and a passenger, so it’s perfect for Duos or any other type of match where you need to get from Point A to Point B quickly. Simply get the glider going and reach a certain speed, the PUBG post about the glider said, and you’ll be able to take to the air and fly about.

The glider can be damaged and can also run out of fuel though, so don’t expect to coast your way to the final circle by just staying in the air.

“While in the air, using the high ground to their advantage, passengers can rain shots and molotovs,” the notes about the new glider said. “Only the engine can be destroyed with wings taking less damage compared to the body, but the tires can’t be damaged – so you’ll be able to keep it moving even after your engine is disabled by gliding and landing.”

The glider is live in the PUBG Labs mode now and will be available until December 23rd. This PUBG Labs mode was added back in November to give players a way to test out experimental features and is different from the test servers that house the game’s upcoming patches.


Full patch notes detailing the mechanics of the glider can be found below.

Motor Glider Mechanics

  • Motor Glider has two seats; one for pilot and one for passenger who can shoot and use any weapon from the backseat
  • Motor Glider will be spawned around the map
  • To takeoff, you must gain the necessary speed of 65 km/h then pitch up with the S key.
    • You’ll start to take off automatically once you hit 70 km/h.
  • Motor Glider’s fuel consumption rate is tied to the engine speed – the more throttle you apply, the faster you will run out of gas.
  • There’s no maximum altitude you can reach, the sky is the limit! But engine will start losing power the higher the altitude you are at.
  • Controls:
    • Use W/S keys to control the pitch and A/D to control the roll of the aircraft
    • Adjust the throttle by holding Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys
    • Hold Spacebar when on the ground to engage handbrake