PUBG Already Has "Innovative and Interesting" Plans for Season 9

Season 8 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t even on live servers yet and the creators at PUBG Corp. are already looking ahead to what’s coming in Season 9. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with battle royale games and other titles that are continually updated with new content since they have to keep pushing ahead at all times to keep up with player demand, but there’s at all times an anticipation for what’s coming in the future for a game like PUBG. We don’t yet know what Season 9 will bring, but we know it’s supposedly going to be “innovative and interesting” according to PUBG Madison studio director Dave Curd.

The eighth season of PUBG is currently on test servers ahead of its wide release to happen later in the month at two different times depending on whether you’re on PC or on consoles. Plans for that season have already been laid out and include a remastering of the Sanhok map and some already innovative features like Loot Trucks which act as mobile care packages.

But how far can or will these sorts of seasons go? spoke to Curd about PUBG’s seasonal system and asked if he felt the seasons could just continue on until whatever number they reach or if it’d make more sense for PUBG to have something of a Fortnite-style reset like a Chapter 2 Season 1 situation. Curd said he feels it makes sense for PUBG to stick with the seasonal strategy it’s on now, and that in Season 9, players can look forward to some innovations and more packed seasons.

“You know, I think right now it still makes a lot of sense to kind of go with the season paradigm. Like, I'm obviously in playtests, and I've seen what Seoul is working on for season nine, and it's very innovative and interesting. And we obviously are winding down Sanhok work and starting to look at what's next. I think consistent, great seasons that offer awesome cosmetics, offer a new game play twist, usually offers some kind of map adjustment. I think that's on the menu for the foreseeable.”

Curd said that he couldn’t speak to the specific features planned for Season 9 right now which is to be expected seeing how Season 8 isn’t even fully out yet. Past seasons have introduced new maps, map reworks, and features that affect specific maps and gameplay overall, so look forward to more those types of changes in the next seasons.