PUBG Limited-Time Only Flare Event Now Live

Like its fellow in battle royale arms Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds also has a newly [...]


Like its fellow in battle royale arms Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds also has a newly unveiled limited-time only event mode for players to enjoy. Just last week they tested it for the first time, and overall - it was met with positive feedback from players. To make it even more enjoyable, for this week's even they are adding a little "flare" to the mix ... that is, flare guns are here.

Here's what the team at PUBG Corp had to say about the flare gun addition via Steam:

"Flare Gun is a special weapon that can be used to call in a care package to your location. Just aim it up, fire the flare and the airplane will drop a superior care package on that location. Only a limited number of Flare Guns will spawn in small single-story houses throughout the map (at this time only in Event Mode), but finding one is going to be worth your time!"

Event mode starts: Mar 29 7PM PDT / Mar 30 4AM CEST / Mar 30 11AM KST
Event mode ends: Apr 1 7PM PDT / Apr 2 4AM CEST / Apr 2 11AM KST

Main contents of the Event Mode this week

  1. TPP mode on Miramar
  2. Up to 4 players in a team
  3. Flare Gun

Notes on the Flare Gun

  • To use the Flare Gun, you must aim it vertically, towards the sky
  • The flare must reach an altitude of 200 meters to call the plane
  • The special care package called by the Flare Gun will contain:
    • Two care package weapons (100% chance)
    • Level 3 armor (100% chance)
    • Normal care package supplies

The event officially kicked off and will run until April 1st 7 PM PDT. Just like its Fortnite counterpart, it's only available for a limited amount of time and derails from the usual gameplay normally seen in the world of battle royale. The mode, when it began testing last week, was met with instant success! Not too much of a surprise, it's one of the things online fans love about Epic Games' battle royale take, so for fans of the chicken dinner side of things - it was a good move.

The mode is now live, happy gaming!