PUBG Season 10 Teases New Map with Dramatic Trailer

Not long after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got its first teaser for the new Season 10 that’s starting soon, a second one was released to show off more of what’s coming in the next season. The dramatic teaser trailer released on Saturday confirms the addition of a new map that was hinted at in the last teaser and schooled players in a couple of different skill they’ll need to survive. The same teasers again used hashtags for Season 10 and “Haven,” the latter being the name the community has interpreted to be the name of the new map.

You can check out the dramatic teaser trailer before for the new map that comes in at just under 30 seconds long. It expands on the “Hide, Seek, Survive” motto from the past teaser to show how those skills will be vital for outlasting opponents in this new battleground.

“Hide from your enemies, Seek out high quality gear, and Survive to earn that Chicken Dinner,” a description of the trailer read with the hashtags “Haven” and “Season10” at the end. “You'll need these three skills if you're to conquer PUBG's new map.

There’s a lot to unpack in the trailer despite it being only around 30 seconds long. It opens with a hectic chase just like the last one did, but instead of running through tunnels, we’re on rooftops this time. A lone combatant jumps off the building while a spotlight shines on them and a helicopter’s whirring blades can be heard in the background.


Another combatant looks on from a window positioned somewhere nearby while an ominous truck makes it way down the streets. The trailer ends with the falling player apparently pulling the cord of a parachute to save themselves from the fall.

Whatever the plans are for the new map, it’ll be interesting to see how this Season 10 battleground is handled compared to other maps that have been in the rotation for a long time and those that have had less longevity. Paramo, for example, was a new map added in Season 9, but it’s being removed in Season 10. Whether this map will stick around for longer or whether it’ll be a Season 10 fixture just as Paramo was to Season 9 remains to be seen.