First PUBG Season 10 Teaser Hints at New Map

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ current season winding down now, the first teaser has officially come in for Season 10 content. PUBG Corp. shared a brief teaser trailer this week that hinted at the arrival of a new map which is presumably called “Haven.” The same teaser trailer gave some dates at the end to indicate that Season 10 will start as soon as Season 9 ends on December 16th for the PC community and December 17th for those playing on consoles.

You can catch a very brief glimpse of the trailer below with less than 15 seconds of what’s assumed to be part of the new map shown. We see a pair of PUBG combatants running through some sort of dimly lit tunnel that’s been blown open on one side with smoke billowing out of the end the two are running towards. You can hear what most definitely sounds like a helicopter outside of the tunnel, but the trailer fades out in the smoke before we see what’s outside the tunnel. It ends with an ominous “HIDE SEEK SURVIVE” message above the Season 10 start dates.

While we never see the name of the map mentioned in the trailer itself, the description of the trailer gave us the info we were looking for about what this might be. It said “A new Battleground is coming” which pegs this as a map tease, and the hashtag for “Haven” at the end of the description after one for Season 10 clues us in on what the map will be called.

This map tease may give us an answer to the question of what the map rotation will look like in Season 10 after players found out that the Paramo map added in Season 9 would be removed. Paramo showed how the PUBG developers could innovate on the game’s maps during the current season by creating a dynamic battleground that changed between matches. The map was only live for one season – and the season itself was shorter than usual – but during that time, it still managed to become a favorite among players.

Maps aside, Season 10 should have other features to look forward to, though we don’t yet know what those are. Season 9 brought on things like Ranked Solos, a game mode people had been requesting for a while, so expect some more big shakeups to happen in Season 10.