PUBG Update Adds New Crafting System

PUBG: Battlegrounds now has a new crafting system for players to use, though it's probably not the kind of crafting system you might've been anticipating. This one deals solely with cosmetics and allows players to piece together skins using different materials similarly added in Update 18.2. This system also unfortunately adds more chests and resources to sift through to make use of it, so be prepared to work through those to make use of the new crafting feature.

Dubbed the "Workshop" by the PUBG team, this system consists of two different options: Regular Crafting and Special Crafting. You'll need either an Hunter's Chest or an Archivist's Chest to make use of the Workshop which are naturally purchased through the in-game store, and to open them, you'll need a key that's also buyable through the store or obtainable by putting together three key fragments.

Imprints, Vouchers, and Credits make up the contents of these chests when using the Normal Crafting system while Artisan Tokens are used in Special Crafting. The draw of all of this is that you can craft items that were previously in the store, the Survivor Passes, or esports items which would no longer be obtainable by normal conventions. Special Crafting, by comparison, allows players to create new cosmetics, and if you don't want any of the resourced or parts you've acquired, you can break them down to repurpose them and hopefully get something you want.

It sounds a bit involved honestly, but most crafting systems of these kinds are until you get into them and start working through their various parts. The randomness of the contents of the chests won't excite those who already feel they've got enough cosmetics to look through, but for those constantly looking to add to your collection, this gives you a way to get past things you might've missed.

The video above provides more context on the new crafting system as do the patch notes found here. PUBG's new Workshop is live now on the PC platform and will launch later on consoles when Update 18.2 lands there later this month.