PUBG Update Adds 2 New Weapons

A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update has arrived on the PC test servers for players to try out before it goes live on that platform and comes to consoles at a later date. The update in question adds two new explosive weapons, the Mortar and the M79 launchers. The former shoots out explosive shells to hit enemies at great distances while the latter shoots smoke grenades instead to obscure the vision of all those affected by it.

Both the Mortal and the M79 were revealed in the patch notes for Update 14.2 which is now live on the PC test servers. The Mortar has a few more rules that govern how it works while the M79 launcher is a more traditional weapon.

The notes below outline exactly how these new weapons work in PUBG as well as the modes that they'll be available in. To see the more involved controls for the Mortar, you can check out the patch notes here.


  • Once looted, it takes up a primary slot.
  • Deployment
    • It can only be deployed on flat surfaces.
    • It cannot be deployed on cement, iron, concrete, water, or wooden floors, or inside buildings.
    • Left-click to deploy the Mortar.
    • Press the "F" key to cancel deployment.
    • Requires three seconds for deployment.
  • Firing
    • The character crouches automatically once the firing mode gets activated.
    • The character cannot move until the firing mode gets released.
    • Player must have ammo in the inventory to fire.
    • There is a one-second delay between fires.
  • Modes
  • Normal Match
  • Custom Match
  • Custom Match Sandbox Mode
  • Not included in Ranked Season 14
    • Spawn
    • Mortar and ammo both spawn inside buildings.
    • Does not spawn in Supply Crates or Secret Rooms.
  • It can shoot between 121m to 700m in distance.


  • Weapon slot: Pistol slot
    • Cannot be used in a vehicle's driver's seat.
  • New ammo type: 40mm Smoke Grenade
    • Once it hits an object that's more than 10m far away, the projectile will release the first smoke effect followed by a second one a few seconds later.
    • Once it hits an object that's less than 10m far away but fails to explode on impact, only the second smoke effect will be released after 3 seconds.
    • Weight: 14
    • Max stack size: 5
    • World spawns in stacks of 1 to 3.
    • World spawns in stacks of 2 to 3 along with the M79.
  • Available Modes
    • Normal Matches
    • Custom Matches
    • Custom Match Sandbox Mode
    • Will not be available in Training Mode to prevent other players from getting interfered by the smoke effect. However, we will consider adding it in later updates.
  • Spawn Location
    • World spawn
    • Damage to enemies: 0
    • Max firing range: 400m
    • Reloading speed: 3.5 – 4 seconds

PUBG's latest update is now on the PC for testing.