PUBG on Xbox One Surpasses 3 Million Players

Though the popular battle royale game hasn't been out long on Xbox One, PlayerUnknown's [...]


Though the popular battle royale game hasn't been out long on Xbox One, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has already passed the 3 million player mark, despite being out less than a month!

Microsoft has officially announced today that the excitement has not even come close to dying down for the Xbox platform when competing for that winner winner, chicken dinner. Having only just launched on December 12th, the constant updates are paying off because over 3 million people can't seem to get enough. According to the Xbox Wire's announcement post:

"Today, PUBG Corp. and Xbox are excited to share that through the end of 2017 the PUBG community on Xbox One has already grown to over three million players. Thank you for your incredible support!

The team at PUBG Corp. is determined to continue to improve the in-game experience for PUBG's growing and active community and have already released four updates since the game's launch in Xbox Game Preview on December 12. You'll continue to see regular updates roll out for PUBG on Xbox One such as this week's addition of first-person support for solo, duo, and squads gameplay and the team is just getting started, with more updates planned that include additional game optimization and the new Miramar map."

Not too shabby for Xbox players! The PC camp isn't doing too bad itself either! Back at the end of December, they broke their own record with 3 million concurrent players - meaning online players accounted for. This large number also came with a huge ban count too with a whopping 1.5 million players banned for utilising cheating software - yikes! For those familiar with online gaming, this is a pretty constant issue and not just a PUBG exclusive problem. Many companies try to implement various systems to prevent/catch cheaters but it's growing frustration that doesn't show signs of slowing down - at least not in the immediate problem. Hell, even a developer himself was caught cheating while streaming his own game!

For now, a huge congratulations to the PUBG crew and their amazing accomplishments since launch! The game continues to get better and better with each update, and even more content is on the way. PUBG is available now for Xbox One and PC users.