Mike Tyson May Have Just Leaked A New 'Punch-Out' Game

punch out
(Photo: Nintendo)

A new Punch-Out game may be in development for Nintendo Switch? How do we know? Because Mike Tyson can't keep a secret when he's angry. That's right, apparently Mike Tyson has heard that a new Punch-Out game is in the works, and he's not happy Nintendo hasn't contacted him about it. Word of the legendary American boxer's disappointment came way of Tyson himself in a new Tweet, which you can view below.

As you will know, Nintendo has not announced or even hinted or even suggested there's chance there's a new Punch-Out game in the works. In other words, if there is one, Mike Tyson has just leaked it. That said, here's a pertinent question: how would Mike Tyson know if Mike Tyson wasn't asked? Further, Tyson hasn't been involved with the series since the NES relaunched without him, replacing his title and fight at the end of the game with Mr. Dream after the two parties couldn't come to a contractual agreement. So, again, I ask: how would Mike Tyson know about a new Punch-Out game? I'm not sure, but he is Mike Tyson.

Of course, it's possible Tyson is mixing up the upcoming release of the NES game on the Switch Online service with a new Punch-Out game. Further, suggesting this is the case is that developer on the series, Next Level Games, is currently hard on work on Luigi's Mansion 3, meaning there's either no new Punch-Out game in the works or Nintendo tapped another team for it. The former seems far more likely.

All of this is to say, I wouldn't take this tweet to mean there's a new Punch-Out game. It's possible. After all, leaks tend to come from weird places these days. But, there's just too many holes in this instance.



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