Rumor: Quantum Break Sequel Could Be In the Works

Quantum Break

Over the years, the developers at Remedy Entertainment have become known for a number of hit games, including Max Payne and its sequel, as well as the Xbox 360 cult classic Alan Wake. But this generation, it made a name for itself with the time-skipping adventure Quantum Break, which has easily become one of the most unique games for Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

But here’s the thing -- is that adventure continuing? One person seems to think so.

A Twitter user by the name of H.R. Nikoofar, who serves as a music composer, film director and game designer, recently spoke out about the possibility of a sequel to Quantum Break -- and he insists it’s happening.

“I know by fact that @remedygames is working on Quantum Break 2. #QuantumBreak” he said.

A lot of users quickly reacted, saying that Remedy couldn’t possibly be working on the game since it has its own secret project, P7, set to reveal at E3 next month. That’s when he added in a subsequent tweet, “Suddenly my tweet is getting media attention. P7 is not Quantum Break 2. Quantum Break 2 is in pre-production. #remedygames #quantumbreak2”. He then linked to an N4G story that just circles back to his tweet.

Now don’t get too excited. There are a few things working against this story.

First off, Nikoofar has no ties with the previous Quantum Break project so for all we know, he could just be speculating. And he knows “by fact,” but doesn’t demonstrate any proof that the game exists.

Secondly, as we mentioned, Remedy is hard at work on P7 and unless Microsoft hit them with a huge budget, we don’t see why it would begin work on Quantum Break right away.

Finally, while the original Quantum was a huge favorite to some Xbox users, it was costly, mainly because Microsoft produced a live-action series to go along with the game. If it were to pick up a sequel, there’s no question it would need to bring that back as well -- and we’re not sure if it’s reserving the budget for that, considering the game didn’t exactly sell into the high million count (though it did do pretty good).


So until we see something from Microsoft announcing otherwise -- probably during its showcase at E3 -- you should probably take this Quantum Break sequel talk with a very light grain of salt. It’d be fun to see for sure, but we need more evidence besides someone just telling us it’s known “by fact.”

The original Quantum Break is available now for Xbox One and Windows PC/Steam.