'Rainbow Six Siege' Chat Filter Will Tell Players What Words They Can't Use

Rainbow Six Siege’s anti-toxicity systems are evolving to include a chat filter that tells [...]

Rainbow Six Siege's anti-toxicity systems are evolving to include a chat filter that tells players exactly what word or phrase they can't use when chatting with teammates.

Ubisoft has been expanding the game's features that prevent toxicity with continued updates and new systems like a feature that automatically banned people for using inappropriate language. According to the most recent toxicity update, Ubisoft regarded the previous auto-ban system as effective but said had some drawbacks for other players.

"Upon review, we found that the automatic ban feature, while effective at curtailing bad behavior, was intrusive to the gameplay of other players not engaging in the inappropriate activity," Ubisoft said. "Therefore, the current system for auto-bans is evolving to improve the experience for all players, including those behaving appropriately."

In Ubisoft's newest iteration of the chat filter, the goal is to prevent players from using offensive language while also informing the offenders that the language they used wasn't appropriate. The new system will let Ubisoft continue to monitor players' language and will also display an alert warning players that their message didn't go through while also giving a reason why.

"The following message was not sent and will be reviewed for inappropriate conduct: *word used*," the chat system will say to players when they try to send an inappropriate message.

Whatever it was that players tried to say won't be broadcasted to the other players it was directed at, Ubisoft added.

This new chat filter system won't have an impact on the manual reviews Ubisoft conducts on players who have been reported though. Ubisoft will still handle the distribution of temporary and permanent bans brought on by a manual review process.

It's hard to imagine the system being foolproof, so players will likely find a way around it to get out what they want to see somehow, but it's a system that should cut down on the amount of inappropriate language coming from players. There's always going to be some kind of workaround, but the new chat filter will at least offer a compromise between letting inappropriate language through and kicking a player out while leaving their team at a disadvantage.

Rainbow Six Siege's new version of its chat filter is scheduled to go live on Monday.