Rainbow Six Siege Previews Glaz Rework

Glaz is the latest Rainbow Six Siege Operator who’s scheduled to be reworked, and Ubisoft has now provided a preview of that update to give an idea of what the new Glaz can do. Ubisoft said the current version of Glaz players know “does note exactly reflect” the studio’s vision for the Operator, so the changes that are coming will be made to bring Glaz closer in line with what Ubisoft wanted the character to be.

We haven’t yet seen the full extent of Glaz’s rework, but Ubisoft did reveal some of its plans for the Operator’s OTS-03 scope that sets Glaz apart from others. Glaz players who can currently highlight enemies through distractions like smoke while still moving around will have to change their playstyle soon since the update will require Glaz to remain stationary when targeting an enemy with the gun’s scope. An explanation for the change was also provided and cited problems like frustrations felt by Glaz’s opponents.

“In order to use the OTS-03 scope at maximum efficiency, Glaz players will now have to stand still,” Ubisoft said in a post which detailed this part of the update. “Moving in any direction will progressively cause the bright yellow colour to fade out. Extra information will also be displayed on the side of the scope. In the original Operator design, Glaz was supposed to be a long-range operator, but his ability turned out to be underwhelming and rarely used. Therefore, the OTS-03 scope received the ability to see through smokes, while operators were highlighted in bright yellow. These additions made Glaz frustrating to play against and became a very strong close-range operator.”

Ubisoft’s changes will therefore push the Operator more towards the initial visions for the character, the studio said.


“He excels as at pushing towards the objective while being visually hidden,” Ubisoft said. “It is often difficult to counter him effectively when he uses smokes at his advantage. The current Glaz playstyle does not exactly reflect our initial intentions. To restore the original idea behind the Russian Sniper, our balancing team looked into his entry-fragging ability, and thus pursued the changes listed above.”

While Glaz’s rework is on the horizon, players also have two new Operators to look forward to. These characters are named Warden and Nøkk, and they’re being added to the game as part of Operation Phantom Sight.

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