Rainbow Six Siege Adds New Operators and Reworked Map in New Update

Ubisoft has officially pulled back the curtain on the latest update for Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Steel Wave is the second season of Year 5, and fans can expect numerous changes to the game as a result of the update. The most notable of these changes include two new operators: Ace, an attacker, and Melusi, a defender. The House map has also been reworked, and includes several "renovations," expanding on the attic, basement, and office tower. There have been other adjustments made to the game, as well, so fans should find quite a bit of new content to enjoy when the update goes live!

Ace and Melusi should make things a bit more interesting in the game. As part of the Norwegian Home Guard, Ace gained quite a reputation, before joining the Forsvarets Spesialkommando, and eventually Nighthaven. Ace has the S.E.L.M.A. gadget, which is a device that can be thrown and stuck to any vertical surface, before destroying up to three panels. Melusi is formerly of the South African Defence Force. She resigned following a bad injury, signing up for the Inkaba Task Force Anti-Poaching Unit. Melusi's gadget is the Banshee. The sonic device can slow an attacker's movement, while also alerting Melusi when enemies approach.

It should be interesting to see how these new additions change things up in Rainbow Six Siege! Both of the operators and their accompanying gadgets should add some new strategy to the game, and the House redesign will likely do the same. Players that use Amaru might be happy to know that Operation Steel Wave will include a buff for the character. Ubisoft has not released full details, but the character has been long derided by players, so it will be interesting to see if the operator will become more competitive as a result.

The Test Server for Rainbow Six Siege's new update will go live on May 19th.

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