New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Gadgets May Have Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege gadgets and Operators have been leaking more often before they’re revealed as of late, and the same thing seems to have happened again regarding the next set of characters that’s planned for this year’s third season. We don’t yet know what the Operators’ names will be, but assuming a new leak that’s surfaced is true, we know what kind of gadgets they’ll both be bringing to the game.

The leak comes from an individual known as Kormora, a leaker who’s been active on ResetEra and has shared accurate information more than once regarding upcoming Rainbow Six Siege content. The user returned to the forums after being asked if there was any information on the Year 4 Season 3 plans based on previous comments they made, and they responded with details sent to them from an inside source.

Those details, seen below, suggest that the two gadgets will be a grappling hook and a deployable shield which utilizes a canister that adds another layer of defense to the Defender’s kit.

Year 4 Season 3 Gadgets

  • Attacker can use a grappling hook to go up hatches. Everyone pretty much knows this one at this point. And its usable on windows too obviously.
  • Defender has a special deployable shield that has a canister on it that drops fire around it when it gets broken

Though the source wasn’t prepared to drop any names for the Operators just yet, the insider did hint at an event that’s coming and touched on internal difficulties regarding the game’s engine. Some people within the community have apparently already correctly guessed what the event will be centered around as well.


“We know season 1 is lacking in stuff but engine limitations are annoying to work around and it's more crippling than it has been talked about in public,” the leaker’s contact said. “We're also going to try to deliver a fun mid-season event to you guys and already seen some correct guesses on the web about what themed event it is because of skin leaks.”

Rainbow Six Siege Nokk
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege players might have already been expecting that there’d be gadgets related to a grappling hook and a canister added based on previous hints in some artwork. It’s not unlike Ubisoft to tease what’s coming with hints hidden in artwork or other images, and in one creation that showed Nokk and Mira together, we see both of these alleged gadgets referenced in the top-right corner.

Rainbow Six Siege’s next Operators and gadgets haven’t been revealed yet, so we’ll have to wait until that happens to see if the leaked info is accurate.

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