Rainbow Six Siege Outlines Season Plans for Year 3

Ubisoft released a new outline for their third year of Rainbow Six Siege support that includes [...]

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft released a new outline for their third year of Rainbow Six Siege support that includes four more seasons worth of Operators, a massive map overhaul, and other content.

Throughout the four new seasons that are on the way, Rainbow Six Siege players can expect to see two new Operators added each season. To kick things off, Season 1 will begin with a type of operation that's quite different from ones that players will be familiar with. Called Operation Chimera, the themes of this new operation are quarantine and biohazard, according to the update from Ubisoft. A new co-op event within the operation called Outbreak was also revealed and looks like it might be zombie-related, but there's still not much info available on how it'll play out. However, we now know that it'll be playable over four weeks during the first season of Year 3 and will be completely free-to-play. It'll have its own line of exclusive cosmetics as well, so get them while you can when Operation Chimera goes live.

Beyond Operation Chimera, the rest of the upcoming year's seasons for the game include more traditional seasons as well as another that's a bit different much like the first. Season 2 will be one of the more typical seasons following the co-op event in the first, and this season's content will be centered around Italy. Two new Italian GIS Operators will be made available and a map that's located somewhere in Italy will also be available.

In Season 3, two more Operators will be introduced, one from Scotland Yard in the UK and the other a from the Delta Force in the US. A new map will also be added in this season, but not in the way that you might expect. An existing map will be completely redesigned with changes to the layout and overall appearance, but the "essence of the map" won't be changed. You'll have to adjust your strategies though, but it hasn't been revealed which map is being changed.

To close out the year, Season 4 will end Year 3 with another more traditional update featuring two Operators from Morocco along with a Moroccan map. A full reveal of Operation Chimera and the new Outbreak event will be seen during the Six Invitational 2018, so look for more information there if not sooner.