New Rainbow Six Siege Update Is Being Tested, Here's What's New

Ubisoft has another Rainbow Six Siege update that’s currently on the test servers for players to try out before it goes live for everyone. It deals mostly with the Operator known as Jackal as some previous changes are still being tested alongside some new adjustments for other characters and a bunch of bugfixes. The update is still live in the test servers as of this week, so those with access to that part of the game can preview what’s coming before it officially arrives.

The notes for the latest update were shared on the game’s subreddit where Ubisoft provided a breakdown of everything that’s new. The changes for Jackal weren’t really touched on here, though those have been on the test servers for some time, so many players have probably become acquainted with them already. If not, you can see what’s happening to that Operator here.

Below you’ll find everything that’s included in this test server update, though expect some things to change before these adjustments hit the live servers.


  • Increased Glaz’s rate of fire to 380 (up from 285)
  • Slight buff to further tweak the changes we made from previous updates to Glaz to make him a bit more attactive as a pick.


  • Reduced Twitch’s F2 Magazine to 25 (down from 30)
  • Reducing her fragging ability as she is a top picked performing attacker, and we feel her ability is crucial to team play. and does not need any changes as of yet.


  • Warden changed to 2 speed – 2 armor type instead of 1 speed – 3 armor
  • We want to give him more opportunities to use his ability, and increase his potential as a defender.


  • FIXED – Blackbeard’s shield clips through his body when equipping while leaning.
  • FIXED – Hibana’s XKairos pellets can destroy other pellets deployed on the same wall even if they are out of the blast radius.
  • FIXED –Defenders can place a barricade or Castle’s Armor Panel over Goyo’s Volcan Shield.
  • FIXED – Radio music doesn’t stop playing even when the radio is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Right clicking when in the scoreboard will cause player to enter ADS and the selected tab simultaneously.
  • FIXED – Mute text chat option does not work on LAN.
  • FIXED – When going into observation mode, SFX plays twice.
  • FIXED – My Rank UI tab now shows your current rank in the season instead of the highest rank achieved.
  • FIXED – Minor visual texture issues for Uniforms
  • FIXED – Visual glitch if players switch weapons after rappelling.
  • FIXED – Menu UI visual fixes.

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