'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Will Not Feature A Mario Cameo

ralph mario

Just like Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet will not feature a Mario cameo, sadly.

As you may know, Disney's 2012 animated comedy Wreck-It Ralph was bursting at the seems with all different types of gaming cameos. Among said cameos, was Bowser, the antagonist of many of Mario's adventures. But there was no Mario. And alas, there won't be any Mario in next month's sequel.

Speaking to Inside the Magic, story artist on the project, Jason Hand, confirmed that every one's favorite hairless chest Italian plumber will not be present in the sequel, not even via the smallest cameo.

As for why Mario won't be featuring, Hand alludes that it simply comes down to not being able to obtain the needed rights.

"Some of the stuff was that we don’t have rights to certain characters, because we’re working in a world of other people’s media. It’s like, that would have been really funny if we could have Mario in here doing this part, but it doesn’t end up working out because of that, and it’s fine and the story doesn’t actually end up needing it. But as individual bits, it’s like “That’s a great ‘Saturday Night Live’ bit!” Rich [Moore] and Phil [Johnston, the movie’s co-directors] are pretty much full of those things so it’s an endless amount of great ideas, honestly.

Following up, Inside the Magic points out that it's odd because Disney were able to obtain the rights for Bowser, to which Hand agrees. However, the story artist couldn't provide any more details on the logistics of the whole thing, noting it is above his pay-grade.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is poised to release next month on November 21. It is notably Disney's 57th animated feature film, and will be directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. Meanwhile, its script is being handled by Johnston and Pamela Ribon.


The movie, like its predecessor, is sure to be packed full of different cameos and easter eggs for video game fans, but sadly, Mario will not be included, and from the sounds of it, won't ever be included in any future series release either.

Source: Inside the Magic via Nintendo Everything