Rampage Gets New 'Badass' Trailer Featuring Dwayne Johnson Running For His Life

With Rampage just about a month away from hitting theaters with all the force of a Mack truck (or [...]

With Rampage just about a month away from hitting theaters with all the force of a Mack truck (or rather, three Mack trucks), Warner Bros. is debuting new teasers for the video-game-to-movie adaptation left and right.

Just a day after debuting a new international trailer for the film, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned to introduce yet another clip, promising this one is as "badass" as they come.

"And when I say badassssss, I'm talking about badasssss," noted Johnson. "Those monsters don't stop big daddy!"

Following Johnson's intro, we get a closer look at the three giant monsters in the film, including George the gorilla, Ralph the flying wolf, and the giant alligator, who's sure to be called Lizzie, a lizard in the original game.

And it does have a little bit of new footage and Johnson, a "crazy, brown, bald-headed tattooed man running for his motherf*cking life" as the monsters let loose with their wanton destruction.

Then it goes back to Johnson, showing some frustration ("What the f*ck was that?!") and demanding that the people behind the scenes show the "other clip, the no fear clip, dude." We then get a glimpse of Lizzie growling at Johnson and George, with him uttering, "Holy shit."

It then goes back to Johnson, looking annoyed as he says, "You're gonna have the time of your life," then cracking a smile at the end.

The clip also ties in with a previously released trailer for the film, showing off more of the story (Johnson caring for his gorilla friend before he becomes mutated by a strange gas), and then getting right back into the action.

But this is all about showing off the "badass" side of the film, and though brief, you can see that it's all about generating more excitement for it.

And that scene with Lizzie and George, well, it certainly is badass. You can watch the whole thing above.

Rampage arrives in theaters on April 13.


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