Ready Player One: Rise of the Oasis Lore Video Dives Deep into Story With a Comedic Twist

Ready Player One is the latest Steven Spielberg film to hit theaters based off of the popular [...]

Ready Player One is the latest Steven Spielberg film to hit theaters based off of the popular nerd's bible published back in 2011. The entire experience was a paradise for gamers and pop culture connoisseurs, rife with Easter eggs. The popcorn film has a pretty straight forward narrative that doesn't really dive too deep into waters of substance, but the film itself was enjoyable for what it was - a nod what movies, comics, and games mean to those that cherish them.

The Lore in a Minute YouTube channel is one that we cover a lot here because ... well, they're hilarious. Taking the most popular games and movies out now, the team breaks down the lore in ... you guessed it, under a minute in a comedic fashion. They're quick videos that are enjoyable and pretty much hit the nail on the head. Their latest venture was inspired by the Spielberg film and goes into the story behind the Oasis.

In a place where you can't watch the video above, or need to have the volume turned off? No worries, we've got you covered with a full transcript below:

In 2045 the world is a dump-fossil fuels are all but burned up, precipitating a Global Energy Crisis, a food shortage AND a housing crisis. To top it all off, a few major corporations control most things. It's your standard issue wasteland, but with a twist!

This dystopia comes with a U-topia in the form of the OASIS, a massively multiplayer online simulation game that absolutely everyone uses to make life livable. This powerful piece of saving grace comes courtesy of Gregarious Simulation Systems, founded by benevolent eccentric geniuses, James Halliday and Ogdon Morrow, who for years have staved off the unwanted advances of IOI, a global communications conglomerate and the planet's biggest Internet service provider. Halliday and Morrow, once the bromance of a lifetime, parted ways under mysterious circumstances. Morrow sold his stock in the company to Halliday, who became reclusive, then ill, finally passing away and leaving behind the greatest Easter Egg hunt the world has ever seen.

The prize? Halliday's enormous fortune and ownership of the OASIS. Oh, yeeeaaah.

All the egg hunters, or "gunters", need is the OASIS and an exhaustive knowledge of Halliday's favorite decade. Enter Wade Watts, an 80's obsessed trailer park resident and ardent egg hunter. But right behind Wade are IOI's gunters bent on total world wide web domination… and they'll do anything for Halliday's estate.