Incredibly Detailed Illustration Shows How Pokemon Work in Real Life

Pokemon has been around for quite awhile and since its humble beginnings, the franchise has only [...]

Pokemon has been around for quite awhile and since its humble beginnings, the franchise has only continued to grow in a amazing ways. With continuous new releases making their way to gamer platforms, and Pokemon GO still going strong with their timed events, many fans continue to show their love for these adorable little pocket monsters in unique ways. One artist took to the challenge of creating realistic Pokemon and put a more literal meaning to how they work in real life. Through the use of generic items people can just find lying around the house, a Pokemon transformation is born - and not going to lie, Squirtle is looking like he's ready to fight with his squirt gun.

I drew some backyard pocket monsters from r/pokemon

Pikachu looks like the wear and tear of life has just brought him down. We're not sure if that's a battery or a metaphor for some kind of drug use, but man that little monster is looking more than a bit haggard.

The detail is incredible though and seeing a more "realistic spin" in the truest sense of the word and not some artistic reinterpretation is pretty interesting to see. Plus that also answers the question of who stole my darn lighter. Dammit, Charmander ... we've talked about this ...

If you like it and you want to put your wallet on it, you can actually buy this design as a tee shirt. He also has an amazing Pink Floyd x Pokemon crossover shirt as well, for those interested. Plus, it means you'd have a shirt titled "Dark Side of the Mon," which in itself is a reason to buy.

It's a unique way to show off that Pokemon fandom pride without the generic Pokemon fandom street wear.

What do you think about the latest Pokemon redesign from fans? What other household items could you see Pokemon using to bring their special franchise over into the real world? Sound off with your creative hot takes in the comment section below and tell us all about it! We'd love to see what you can come up with.