Red Dead Online Gets Festive With Free Holiday Loot and Events

Red Dead Redemption 2 players who feel like getting some time in with Red Dead Online over the [...]

Red Dead Redemption 2 players who feel like getting some time in with Red Dead Online over the holiday break have some free stuff and limited-time modes waiting for them thanks to Rockstar Games' latest update. The publisher announced this week the release of a bunch of holiday content in Red Dead Online like some Showdown Modes – some of which are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 – and a gift for all players that's full of all sorts of provisions.

Red Dead Online's festivities are spread out throughout the next week or so like many other games' holiday updates are, but the first of its contents is already in the game now. Hop into Red Dead Online from now until the time the events end and you'll find that snow has covered the map, and it sounds like it's going to get worse before it clears up.

"On your travels, you may have heard piano players in the saloons playing festive songs as folk across the country merrily indulge in holiday festivities," Rockstar Games said. "Be warned, however, that the changing of the seasons often brings harsh weather to the frontier, with snowfall predicted to arrive as soon as tomorrow. Those keen to make preparations for the winter should be advised that even heavier snowfall may also be on the way, so keep the campfire burning and the stewpot simmering."

The Spoils of War, Up in Smoke, and Overrun Showdown Modes are also live in Red Dead Online from now until January 6th. If you're on the PlayStation 4, you can play those as well as festive versions of Gun Rush, Make it Count, and Last Stand.

Regardless of what platform you're on, if you play the game between December 23rd-25th, you'll get a festive shotgun and a bunch of other items. The contents of the seasonal Gift Chest can be found below.

Seasonal Gift Chest

  • The Krampus Double Barrel Shotgun Variant
  • 30 rounds of Incendiary Buckshot Ammo
  • 100 Shotgun Slugs
  • 10 Thyme Big Game
  • 10 Minty Plump Birds
  • 20 Carrots
  • 20 Assorted Biscuits
  • 50 Candies
  • 10 Fine Brandies
  • 10 Special Miracle Tonics
  • 20 Volatile Fire Bottles
  • 2x Creek Plums
  • 2x Agarita

Red Dead Online's festive update is now available across all platforms.