'Red Dead Online' Leak Shows a Different Approach to Battle Royale

Round one of the beta for Red Dead Online has rolled out for lucky Red Dead Redemption 2 players [...]

Round one of the beta for Red Dead Online has rolled out for lucky Red Dead Redemption 2 players and fans of the western game are finally getting to see for themselves what sort of adventures await in this new social aspect for the game itself. In addition to races and certain initiatives, it looks like battle royale has even made its way into Rockstar's beloved tale of Arthur and the gang.

Thanks to Twitter user 'Illogical Mods,' those who don't have access yet can take a peek at what's on the way:

What's interesting about this how Rockstar Games took to the wildly popluar battle royale mode that seems to be taking over the online gaming-verse.

The mode itself is called 'Make It Count' and it drops players into an area that gets smaller over time (as with all battle royale games) until only one player remains. The bright side is that you don't have to worry about another player dropping in behind you and blowing your brains otu with a shotgun. 'Make It Count' restricts all that play to nothing but bows and knives.

The pick of weapons depends on the location of choice. According to the above Twitter post, Saint Denis Plantation and Tall Trees offers the bow experience, while Strawberry and Stillwater Creek offers players the choice to fight with throwing knives.

No word yet if they'll take the PUBG and Fortnite route with limited-time events and special additions to the weapons, but since this in beta now we're sure that the team is incredible open to suggestions. Just now Pump Shotguns, please. We've had enough of those.

Other aspects of the Red Dead Online reveal seen above looks very similar to that of Grand Theft Auto Online, including the billions ways to race. It will be interesting to see how players react to the online aspect of the game in addition to the incredible reception the single-player mode received since launch.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.