Red Dead Online Gets Surprising New Update

Red Dead Online has gotten a new update, much to the surprise of some fans. Over the summer, Rockstar basically confirmed it was killing any kind of significant support for Red Dead Online going forward. Although this didn't come as a huge shock to many players given the game had gone without any notable updates for a year, it still bummed fans out to have to face the reality of the situation. Rockstar's silver lining was that all of the resources being put into Red Dead Online would now be poured into the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, meaning the game people are wanting will hopefully come quicker and be better as a result. 

With that said, it doesn't mean Red Dead Online is truly dead in Rockstar's eyes. It won't be getting a major game-changing update with things like heists, but we will get some smaller additions. Today, Rockstar surprised fans with a new update that adds a handful of new missions for players to dig into. Although they're not super grand in scale, it's new content and a new way to make some money in-game. Rockstar also added 4 new hostile territory maps to Red Dead Online, giving players new spaces to play the PvP mode in. There are also a bunch of new bonuses, discounts, and other small additions that make this update worth giving a look. You can take a look at the list below.

  • Double RDO$ and XP on all Trader Sales, and for completing the Trade Route Free Roam Event, "A Tough Business" Hardcore Telegram Missions, Il Sovrano Blood Money Opportunity, and for taking up arms to Defend Campsites all month long
  • Earn Three Potent Herbivore Baits for completing a Trader Sale this month
  • Earn 50% more Trader Raw Materials and RDO$ for Perfect Carcasses, Pelts, Skins, and Hides
  • RDO$75 Bonus for Traders who rank up each week this month, plus 2 free Potent Predator Bait for reaching Trader Rank 20, and 32 Small Game Arrows for completing 3 Daily Challenges each week this month
  • Free Military Surplus 2 Outfit for completing a Trader Sale every week this month and keeping
  • RDO$50 bonus for Delivering Goods each week
  • Three new Hardcore Telegram Missions: In Bad Faith, Strong Medicine, and Sow and Reap
  • Double RDO$ and XP on Rich Pickings, Outrider, and A One Horse Deal Telegram Missions, taking place in all-new locations for the next two weeks
  • Four new Hostile Territory maps; Annesburg, Fort Mercer, Caliga Hall, and Strawberry
  • Coming September 13, New Sport of Kings maps near Lake Don Julio, Cotorra Springs, and more
  • Limited-time clothing item: Fanned Stovepipe Hat available from the Catalogue
  • Free Community Outfit, "The Silver Gunslinger," inspired by Redditor XxMsterchiefxX, comprised of the Western Homburg Hat, Puff Tie, French Dress Shirt or Iniesta Shirtwaist, Opulent Vest, Classic Frock Coat, Leather Gloves, Bandito Pants, Worn Roper Boots, Gerden Morrow Spurs, and Explorer Gun Belt
  • Featured Series Calendar:
    • September 6 – September 12: Sport of Kings
    • September 13 – September 19: Hostile Territory
    • September 20 – September 26: Hardcore Last Stand
    • September 27 – October 3: Overrun Series
  • Earn returning limited-time clothing items for completing a Free Roam Event each week:
    • September 6 – 12: Furred Gloves
    • September 13 – 19: Morning Tailcoat
    • September 20 – 26: Darned Stockings
    • September 27 – October 3: Cardozo Vest
  • Discounts: 50% off Arrows, Varmint Rifle and Varmint Rifle Ammo, 40% off Large, Medium, and Trader Hunting Wagons, Sniper Rifles, and Bow, 35% off the Small Game Arrow Pamphlet, 30% off Turkomen Breed Horses and Trader Role Outfits, plus 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher's Table
  • Prime Gaming: Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before October 5 will receive 5 Gold Bars, 25 Capitale, Cripps' Traveling Opulence 1 Outfit, and the Prospector Jig Emote

Needless to say, Rockstar Games is still putting some effort into Red Dead Online. While it may not be as much as some fans want, to see it still getting some love is nice. It's unclear how much these kinds of updates will continue for, but hopefully, they'll continue to exist until the release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

What do you think of Red Dead Online's new update strategy? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.