'Red Dead Online' Players Are Cloning And Butchering Cougars To Make A Living

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(Photo: Rockstar Games / Reddit)

With Red Dead Online's newest update, Rockstar Games considerably nerfed hunting as a means to make money in the game, making the experience of accumulating wealth even more grindy.

Naturally, Red Dead Online players were not pleased with this change and were now forced to figure out new ways to earn enough money to buy a single hat for their character.

That said, since the update went live, Red Dead Online players have turned to a new glitch in order to farm -- and it involves killing cougars and butchering them.

There's a glitch in Red Dead Online that has been known for awhile that involves creating duplicate dead cougars for the purpose of selling to the butcher. It's not a new glitch, but many players decided to not engage with it for a multitude of reasons. For one, exploiting glitches can land you a ban, but two, people didn't want to cheat the system.

But since the new update went live, the glitch has caught on as a way to protest said update and the changes (and lack thereof) that it made. "Abuse the game that's abusing you," puts Reddit user Marniconnuke.

Anyway, if you've come across the glitch being used by players and want to give it shot, here's how you do it. First hunt and kill a cougar. A 3-star cougar if you can, because, as you will know, they fetch the best price. Then take the dead feline to any butcher stall. Once your horse and cougar are near a stall, run into another store and wait a few minutes. When you come back out, your horse will be gone but the cougar body will still be there, now plopped on the ground. Then call the horse back, and it will return with a cougar. Now repeat.

Heck you rockstar games from r/RedDeadOnline
Current state of RDO from r/RedDeadOnline
Only good thing about the new update. from r/RedDeadOnline
Since R* wants to S**t On Us, I’ll S**t On Them Back. Anyone need some cat meat or blankets? from r/RedDeadOnline

Of course, with the glitch becoming more and more prevalent, a hotfix is likely on the way. In fact, some players are reporting they are unable to sell cougars in the game as of recently, but this is contradicted by more players saying otherwise.

Anyway, if you come across piles of dead cougars in town while playing Red Dead Online, this is why. Some players are simply desperate for money, others are protesting.

Thanks, Kotaku.


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