Red Dead Online Update Saves Players Time and Money

Red Dead Online players who've got a lot of things on their game's to-do list this week will be able to knock off quite a few of those tasks thanks to the game's latest update. As part of the weekly refresh for Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games has made fast traveling completely free for the next couple of days, so if your missions usually take you from one end of the map to the other, now's the time to take care of them. Some bonuses for different roles as well as another login bonus should also entice players to hop back in for the week.

The removal of the fees from fast traveling is the highlight of this week's update that we don't usually see in these sorts of patches. Traveling across the map in that way only costs a couple of dollars in the first place, but that could be said about anything in Red Dead Online, so saving those dollars while maximizing your efficiency by also saving time are nice bonuses to have.

On top of the free fast travel, players also get a login bonus of several different Valentine's Day-themed rewards.

"Plus, enjoy traipsing and traveling through the far and wide of the West with free Fast Travel all week long," Rockstar Games said about this week's update. "And to celebrate love being in the air, all gunslingers who jump in to play Red Dead Online this week will receive five Chocolate Bars, five Fine Brandies, and a Gold Jointed Bracelet."

The other notable parts of the update include the bonuses for specific roles as well as the extra payouts on different sorts of missions. Bounty Hunters get 50% more payouts on Free Roam Bounty Missions this week, Collectors who complete the Lovers Collection get an American Wildflower Map and three Chocolate Daisies, and Naturalists who read the Vitalism Studies pamphlet and turn themselves into a wild buck or rabbit will get a free coat. Regardless of what role you're keen on, several game modes will give you more rewards than usual.


"Visit the abandoned freehold of Tumbleweed via this week's Featured Showdown Series to take part in Shootouts, Hostile Territory, and more — and walk away with triple the usual prize purse of RDO$ and Gold," Rockstar Games said.

Red Dead Online's latest weekly update should now be available across all platforms.