Red Dead Online Fans Accuse Rockstar Games of "Intentionally Trolling"

Red Dead Online fans have accused Rockstar Games of "intentionally trolling" following the latest update. Like it does every week, Rockstar Games has released a new Red Dead Online weekly update, and like every update for a long time, it's inconsequential to the point you are left wondering what's the point. And that's exactly what some Red Dead Online fans are doing, and in the process, concluding that Rockstar Games may actually just be trolling at this point, which, of course, is purposefully hyperbolic, but it's also not an unreasonable takeaway at this point. 

"Save Red Dead Online" has trended on Twitter at several points since late last year. And the unrest over the state of Red Dead Online, and its lack of support, began long before this. The uproar has been loud, and there's no way Rockstar Games has missed it. Yet, it's not only ignored the backlash, but it's continued to release inconsequential weekly updates, which only incite more backlash. This latest update ensures this cycle continues. 

"Rockstar is intentionally trolling the Red Dead Online community," reads one reply to the update from Videotech, a prominent member of the Rockstar Games community." I don't get why they're doing all they can to kill the community and the game to put the spotlight on GTA Online at all times. Red Dead Online is a missed opportunity." 

"You could have started something special with Red Dead Online, but no, instead, you can't be bothered to update it anymore, it's honestly sad, and that's coming from someone who doesn't play online games normally," adds another unhappy fan."As it stands, the story mode is WAY better in my opinion."

The backlash has been substantial, but at this point, there's no reason to expect Rockstar Games to respond to any of this as it would have months ago. It may remedy the issue with a future update, and let the content do the talking, but from what we understand, this isn't going to happen. Red Dead Online may not be done yet, but the sun is certainly setting as Rockstar Games transitions to a new era, an era of GTA 6.