Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak Reveals Mysterious New Content

A new Red Dead Redemption 2 leak has revealed a mysterious new mode, however, it looks like this [...]

A new Red Dead Redemption 2 leak has revealed a mysterious new mode, however, it looks like this new content may only be for Red Dead Online. At the moment, this latter bit isn't 100 percent clear. What is clear is that there are some text strings for the mode, dubbed "call to arms," sitting in the files of the game. What this mode could be, is hard to say, but there's reason to believe it's some type of survival mode and that it's been sitting in the files for well over a year. Of course, this could suggest its scrapped content that Rockstar Games started but never finished, but it could also simply mean it's been in the works for a while.

The discovery and details come the way of dataminer WildBrick142 and Rockstar Games insider Tez2, who unfortunately don't have any salient details to share. That said, the latter seems to think this mode isn't very far away from releasing.

As noted, it's not 100 percent clear if this would only be for Red Dead Online. The safe assumption is it would be, as Rockstar Games hasn't really touched the single-player campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2 since release and it seems unlikely it would add to it now with a new mode.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. While there are indeed text strings for a mode called "call to arms" in the game's files, that's all there is. There's no guarantee anything will come of this, especially anything exciting.

At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games hasn't commented on these files and the speculation they have created. We don't expect this to change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, if Rockstar does comment, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online -- including all of the latest news, all of the latest rumors, all of the latest leaks, and all of the latest bits of speculation -- click here.