Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Surprises Players With Biggest 2021 Update So Far

Rockstar Games surprised Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online players on Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S players with the biggest update to the latter so far this year. 2021 has been dull so far for Red Dead Online players, but today Rockstar Games reminded players that it hasn't forgotten about the open-world western. Unfortunately, while Red Dead Online players have new content to be excited about, fans still playing the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign have nothing to be excited about with today's update.

With the update, Rockstar Games has added new employment options, which means there are three new solo play missions now available. Further, not only are all three jobs repeatable, but they increase in difficulty the more you run them. Meanwhile, to start them you will need to head to the local Post Office and pick up the "Telegrams" letter.

"Coming down the wire from a mysterious source known only as 'J,' A New Source of Employment missions are for willing hands to complete dangerous tasks and assignments for monetary reward," writes Rockstar Games of the content.

As for the missions themselves, one -- A One Horse Deal -- involves intercepting and stealing a prized white Arabian off The Braitwaites. This will not only require dealing with armed guards, but taming the wild and rapid beast.

The second mission, Rich Pickings, involves breaking into the heavily guarded manor of the mayor of Saint Denis to steal some seized jewels that were recently smuggled into the state.


Meanwhile, the last mission, Outrider, is an escort mission and requires you to protect a wagon making its way out of the Brittlebrush Trawl. To do this, you can ride horseback or jump onto the wagon itself. That said, it's unclear what the wagon is carrying, though it's clearly valuable.

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