Red Dead Redemption Leaker Provides Update on Remaster Rumors

This week, a rumor made the rounds claiming that a remaster/remake of Red Dead Redemption is in the works. That said, this isn't a new rumor like it's been mistranslated and reported. The source of this rumor is Rockstar Magazine's Chris Klippel, who revealed that while he indeed made this claim, he made back in November of last year. Thankfully for Red Dead Redemption fans, the claim isn't speculation like others have since suggested. 

"The only thing I announced last November was the development of a remaster (or remake I don't know) of Red Dead Redemption," said Klippel, clarifying false eports that he claimed GTA 6 was in development hell and that its development was rebooted in 2020.

To clarify, Klippel stands by his claim that a remaster/remake of Red Dead Redemption is in the works at Rockstar Games. However, this isn't a new claim like many are reporting, and unfortunately, there are still no details on this project, including how ambitious it is, when it will release, and what platforms it will release on.

Unfortunately, we have nothing to add to any of this. While we've heard that Take-Two Interactive is interested in reviving Rockstar Games' catalog, that's all we've heard, and from what we understand, it will be via remasters, not full-blown remakes. 

Of course, if Red Dead Redemption is re-released, it could be in Red Dead Redemption 2's engine, however, this wouldn't mean the game would play and look like Red Dead Redemption 2. That would require a lot of additional work.


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