Fan Shows Off Startling Look at Red Dead Redemption 2 on Lowest Graphical Settings

Red Dead Redemption 2 is by all accounts a gorgeous game, that stands as a technological achievement of modern game systems. But, one fan asked the very interesting question of what would happen if you turned this beautiful titles’ graphical settings all the way down. With the PC version of the title, the aptly named LowSpecGamer went ahead and toned down all that graphical polish to the lowest model possible. The horses are like something you would have seen three generations ago. He walks gamers through the process of getting this impressive game running on machines that might struggle with the hefty processing power that even the default settings require. It’s a pretty big trip to see Arthur Morgan rolling around the woods as little more than an elevated stick man. But, the issues at launch have people genuinely wondering if a lower graphical setting would help offset some of the hiccups from the PC launch.

Some people reported the game crashing near RDR2’s release and other issues are still being located. Rockstar managed to address some of those problems with an official statement. The company acknowledged that players had been experiencing issues and that while some remained they are dedicated to making sure everyone can have a good time

“However, we are aware that a small number of Red Dead Redemption 2 PC players are still experiencing some ongoing problems with the game stuttering,” Rockstar began after claiming that several PC issues had already been resolved. “We believe this is due to unforeseen issues related to specific combinations of Nvidia graphics drivers, Nvidia GPU cards and certain CPUs.”

The statement would add that players could expect to receive an update that would look to fix the issues along with a care package of some sort with goodies for players’ troubles.


“We will be rolling out an update to the game today which will address the stuttering issue alongside a host of other fixes,” the statement reads. “However, we are still currently working together with Nvidia to completely resolve the stuttering issue in a future update, and it may take us up to a few days to properly test everything and ensure the next update completely solves the problem.”

They continued to apologize for the negative performance and promised updates as soon as they become available. For any issues with the game that persist, the company pointed them toward their support page.