Control Studio's Two Projects With Epic Games Will Take Place in the Same World

Just about one year ago, Remedy Entertainment, which is most well-known for its work on games like Control and Alan Wake, announced that it would be working with Epic Games on a pair of upcoming projects. Since that time, virtually no new information has been shared about these new titles as the developer has instead focused its attention on finishing content for Control. With Control now in the rearview mirror, though, the studio has started to share some additional details on these forthcoming games.

In a new interview with, Remedy's CEO Tero Virtala talked more about what the studio has in the pipeline. Virtala explained that Remedy currently has four teams in total with the company working on five total projects. As for the pair of games with Epic, though, Virtala confirmed that both titles will take place within the same shared universe. "With the project we're doing with Epic, it's in a world we want players to spend more time in. There's more opportunities to explore the world and the brand than in one single game," Virtala explained of the decision.

When it comes to what else Remedy is working on, one of these titles happens to be a single-player campaign for Crossfire X. For those unaware, Crossfire is a mega-popular shooter that comes from Korean publisher Smilegate. Remedy has openly been working on this title for a few years now. Meanwhile, another group at the studio is working on a co-op experience called Vanguard.

Last but not least, the team that created Control is also said to now be working on its next game. Although there has been very little that has been shared about this project, Remedy has already confirmed that it will also take place in the same world as both Control and Alan Wake. The final piece of DLC for Control even happened to briefly tease where the studio could be going next.

As a whole, Remedy is incredibly busy at the moment. Despite having so much going on, however, we still don't know when some of these secretive projects might be formally unveiled. Hopefully, as 2021 continues onward, we'll start to see and hear more of what the developer has in store for the future.


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