Renegade Launches New Risk Game

Renegade Games Studios is bringing back Risk: Godstorm later this year.

Renegade Game Studios is resurrecting a popular, non-traditional version of Risk. Later this year, Renegade will release a new version of Risk: Godstorm, a variant of the popular army-building game in which players try to call to summon their culture's gods as they battle for dominance. The new edition of Risk: Godstorm includes the original game's five civilizations – Greek, Celtic, Babylonian, Norse, and Egyptian – and the original map that focused on Europe and Northern Africa. From the preview images on Risk: Godstorm's pre-order page, this appears to be very similar or identical to the 2004 version published by Hasbro. 

In Risk: Godstorm, players gather faith in addition to raising armies. Players gain faith via territory control and they can spend that faith to summon gods from their respective pantheon onto the board. Each type of god has its own special ability and generally buff an army instead of actively participate in battle. A god can only battle another god in what's called a godswar, with the losing god banished from the field of play. Players can also collect various kinds of miracle cards by completing different kinds of "labors" (game conditions) which can also have major impacts on the game. 

In addition to traditional landmasses, Risk: Godstorm also has two unique landmasses – Atlantis (which can be sunk via a special miracle) and the Underworld, which is where armies go when they've fallen in battle. The Underworld has a unique ruleset and also has spaces where armies can be resurrected from the surface world. Unlike normal Risk, Godstorm had a limited number of turns and players won by scoring the most Victory Points.

Players can also use the Risk: Godstorm map to play a traditional game of Risk.

Risk: Godstorm will go on sale in October 2024. Pre-orders are available now on Renegade's website.