This 'Resident Evil' Cosplay Is So Realistic, It's Disgusting

Cosplay is an amazing way fans can share their love for a specific franchise with the world. [...]

Cosplay is an amazing way fans can share their love for a specific franchise with the world. Through incredible creations, whether true to form or reinterpretations, the world of cosplay means bringing the characters you love into the real world.

In one case, however, it's best to keep it in game because this Resident Evil 2 cosplay is frighteningly perfect.

While I not-so-patiently waited for more Resident Evil 2 remake news, I was scouring the internet for anything that could help me get my horror fix. While looking through some amazing cosplays, I stumbled upon this stunningly grotesque realization of William Birkin's second mutated form from the original Resident Evil 2.

The cosplayer in question goes by Gai and his specialty is larger than life costumes that could easily be seen on a movie set. In this instance, it's insanely detailed — the eye even moves!

That's crazy, right! Could you imagine walking down the street at night just minding your own business and then bam! Mutated form on the horizon! It's also super gross-looking, which means it is accurate. Running into this bad boy in-game was bad enough, but to see it made into a reality? Equally terrifying and impressive.

You can follow even more of this cosplayer's work over on his Twitter page here.

Resident Evil 2 (not-the-remake) will be arriving for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 25th. Wonder why the "remake" clarifier was added? The team over at Capcom earlier this year verified that there are just too many additions and changes for it to be labeled a simple remake. It's a new experience all together!

We could already tell there were some variations from the reveal trailer, but will the differences be that much? Brand Manager Mike Lunn explained, "So for example, there is a part where you're walking through the police station, and a lurker walks by the window."

"In the original game that happens every single time. We don't include that because of the jumpscares, the puzzles, and because we want you to be challenged by that stuff. We want you to be scared by that stuff, not just repositioned to a new part of the building, but sort of reimagined. Because we don't want you to know exactly how the puzzles are solved, we don't want you to know exactly where the enemies are going to be. We want to surprise you. So, we have changed things a bit. But on the whole, the main idea, the main arcs of the story are very similar. But there are going to be some new surprises in there as well," Lunn added.

You can read more about what Lunn had to say about the upcoming title with our previous coverage here.

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