Resident Evil 2 Remake Release Date Potentially Leaked With New Clothing Line


Capcom first announced that we would be getting a Resident Evil 2 remake back in 2015, but then the company promptly dropped off from giving any new info beyond that. In the age of nostalgia with news of a new remake coming almost every other week, now is the time to bring back the horror favourite - but where is it?

With E3 2018 right around the corner, a new line of apparel has been popping up over in Japan with an October release date, making it entirely possible that we'll finally be getting that coveted release date this week!

According to the above Twitter user, "Multiple Japanese retailers are listing a Leon S. Kennedy "R.P.D" jacket for a late October release. I think the timing speaks for itself. Will not be surprised to see Resident Evil 2 REmake release this year."

As far as what we can expect, recent leaks provide a little more detail in what changes we can expect from the remake, and what additions were added on. According to the original post:

  • RE2 Remake is OTS. Mix of Rev 2 and RE4, no crouching.
  • They tried both Fixed and FPS, but it "didn't work out."
  • RPD and city is vastly redesigned.
  • Item twinkles are back. Just like in the Japanese version of RE2.
  • Only two campaigns. No zapping system. However Leon and Claire interact more because of this.
  • Crocodile was cut from the game.
  • Sherry is playable ...[can] defend herself like Natalia.
  • Ada section has been expanded. She even gets different weapons.
  • No 4th survivor, potential DLC.
  • Tofu potentially cut.
  • Focus is still on horror.
  • Difficulty is like RE7.
  • Costumes are back but with a heavy focus on DLC. Elza is a planned consume for Claire as is Leon's 1.5 gear.
  • You can develop the Rebecca Picture from the trash can and also "mean something else."

The good news is that it looks like a lot of what made Resident Evil 2 ... well, Resident Evil 2 is sticking around for the long-haul and we are interested in seeing those mentioned redesigns in close detail! Seeing the mechanical tie to Resident Evil 7 is interesting, and good, in light of fan reactions from the latest installment. To see Leon and Claire once more from how we remember them will be a treat!

E3 officially kicks off on June 9th, so stay tuned!