Resident Evil 4 Demo Has a Secret Weapon

The Resident Evil 4 demo for the remake that's live now sends players back to the familiar village location the original game prominently opened with, but things look a bit different this time. Aside from new enemy behaviors, gameplay mechanics, and a somewhat updated layout yet familiar layout for the village, there's also a secret weapon nestled away in this demo. Players have discovered that the TMP can be found in Resident Evil 4's demo, though finding it is a bit trickier than just opening up a chest in a building or barging through the right door.

A Steam user who goes by Vizixi has been credited as one of the first (if not the first) person to find the TMP and share news of its whereabouts in the RE4 demo. Players obviously start the demo with some items, but what if they didn't? This user decided to throw all their items away before entering the village which netted them a surprising result.

According to the user, discarding all the items in your inventories will make it so that the two wells in the demo that are normally obstructed by grates will be opened. Once you head down in one of those, you'll find yourself in a tunnel underneath the village. Hidden in a chest within that tunnel is the TMP with some other items to be found there, too.

If it sounds too good to be true, you're not alone in thinking that. It seems like such a specific set of requirements that players were skeptical and wanted proof. Others tested it out like Twitter user RuleTime below, and sure enough, it works.

Of course, discarding all your items in exchange for one (albeit seemingly upgraded) TMP doesn't really seem like a trade the game would ask you to do, so it's likely this is just a demo feature and won't make it into the full game. The TMP among other weapons will be in the game for sure since we've already seen that weapon and more in past gameplay previews and trailers, but there's no telling right now how you'll acquire it.

Prior to this demo going live, a State of Play appearance by the game seemingly confirmed that there will be another SMG in the game, too, one that wasn't in the original game.