Resident Evil 9 Reportedly Already in Development

While Resident Evil Village isn't set to release until May, it seems that Capcom might already be working on the next installment of the survival-horror franchise. That rumor comes from @AestheticGamer1, who also goes by "Dusk Golem." The leaker discussed Capcom's current progress on the game, but was careful to point out that he does not expect it to release before 2024. The Resident Evil franchise is easily one of Capcom's most important, so it doesn't seem implausible. With development winding down on the current project, it only makes sense that the publisher might be looking ahead to the future!

The original Tweet from @AestheticGamer1 can be found embedded below.

For those unfamiliar with @AestheticGamer1, he has been one of the most prominent voices regarding the rumored Silent Hill reboot. It remains to be seen whether or not those rumors will prove to be accurate, but they have been picking up a lot of steam over the last few months, lending some credence to his original reporting. @AestheticGamer1 has previously indicated that he is a game developer, which is apparently how he has become privy to insider information regarding titles such as these. Readers should still take these rumors with a grain of salt, however.

Of course, it will likely be some time before fans know whether or not the ninth Resident Evil truly is in production! Publishers tend to keep that type of information secret until they're ready to make an official reveal, and by @AestheticGamer1's own reporting, we're still a few years away from that. It seems likely we'll see more Resident Evil content between the release of Resident Evil Village and the next series entry, possibly in the form of another remake. Regardless, with Resident Evil Village and the live-action film reboot both coming this year, it seems there's never been a better time for fans of the series!

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