Resident Evil Is Coming to Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is getting yet another one of its big Capcom crossovers soon when Resident Evil characters like Leon, Claire, and Mr. X come to the game. Capcom shared the first teaser for the content on Friday and showed off some of the different cosmetics and features players can expect to see when the crossover takes place in November. You’ll be able to hunt monsters as the stars of the Resident Evil series, and it looks like you’ll have the option to have Mr. X as your Handler thanks to a new skin.

The video below is all that’s been shown pertaining to the crossover so far, but it tells Monster Hunter and Resident Evil fans pretty much everything they need to know to get excited. Starting sometime in November, you’ll see the acclaimed zombie franchise coming to Monster Hunter World. We see Leon and Claire, zombified characters, Mr. X, and even what looks to be Tofu at the end of the clip.

Monster Hunter World has had multiple crossovers with different franchises since the game released with one of the biggest ones being the crossover with The Witcher. Assassin’s Creed also joined the game once as well, but the fact that both the Monster Hunter series and Resident Evil games are owned by Capcom is one that bodes well for the amount of content players will get and the quality of it all.

Towards the end of the trailer, we see what certainly looks to be Mr. X serving the players as a Handler. Monster Hunter World players will know that they can change the Handler’s outfits with different skins and other cosmetics, and it looks like they’ll be able to have a Mr. X skin to pick from soon as well. People are already reacting accordingly to the idea of that happening.


Monster Hunter World’s Resident Evil crossover is expected to release in November, so it’ll just barely miss the spooky season but will be an exciting event nonetheless. Look for more details from Capcom in the weeks leading up to the crossover.