Resident Evil Re:Verse Gets Delayed

Resident Evil Re:Verse, the multiplayer game announced as part of the Resident Evil Village [...]

Resident Evil Re:Verse, the multiplayer game announced as part of the Resident Evil Village package, will apparently not be releasing alongside the new mainline Resident Evil game. The multiplayer project appears to have been quietly delayed based on some updated information on the game's website alongside some emails that have been sent out to select Resident Evil fans. It's now said to be releasing sometime during the summer instead of in early May as originally intended.

Capcom doesn't appear to have made a big to-do about the delay since there hasn't been an official announcement noted anywhere on social media or otherwise to say that the game's release date has been pushed back. Instead, you can find the first indication of the delay over on the Resident Evil Re:Verse site where it says the game "will launch Summer 2021." Archives of the site showed that the section about the release info previously said "Available: 2021," so while the new timeframe might seem like the more specific one, it was always indicated that the game would be releasing alongside Resident Evil Village.

People also got emails like the one above that said when the Resident Evil Re:Verse servers would be up and available for everyone to play. The email once more did not highlight it as a delay in so many words but instead just gave a timeframe.

The delay of the game may be disappointing to those who've been playing in the betas and have enjoyed themselves, but it's not totally unexpected either. Capcom's recent Resident Evil projects focusing on multiplayer have gotten mixed reception upon release, and Resident Evil Re:Verse was already met with tepid reactions from many after it was revealed.

People pretty much immediately looked for ways to disable to game's comic filter (and found them), but the previews of this game haven't generated the same buzz as the demos for Resident Evil Village. That's to be expected considering one is a mainline game and the other a multiplayer project attached to the former, but the reviews of the beta tests so far indicate that there's more than filters factoring into players' opinions. The beta on Steam, for example, has "Mostly Negative" reviews so far.

Resident Evil Village will release on May 7th while Resident Evil Re:Verse will release sometime in the summer.