Resident Evil Village DLC Confirmed by Capcom

Capcom has confirmed that it is working on new content for its recently released survival horror [...]

Capcom has confirmed that it is working on new content for its recently released survival horror game Resident Evil Village. Although there is nothing that we currently know about the new DLC, its reveal is somewhat expected given the amount of additional content the publisher released for the last installment in the series, Resident Evil 7.

News of Capcom working on DLC for Resident Evil Village was revealed by the company today in a rather underwhelming manner. Capcom held a live stream today to coincide with E3 2021 and in the process, it briefly touched on Resident Evil Village. After the game's producer thanked fans for their support in the wake of Village's launch, a message appeared on screen announcing the DLC in question. "By popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village," read the statement. "More info later."

As you can see, Capcom clearly doesn't have a whole lot to say about this new content for Resident Evil Village because work on it just started quite recently. As such, this sounds like something we shouldn't expect to see or hear about for a few more months at the very least.

The biggest thing that Resident Evil Village fans can look forward to in the coming months is the release of Re:Verse. This is the multiplayer component that comes included for free with all copies of Village and features a number of different characters from across the Resident Evil franchise. While this game was set to originally release alongside Village last month, it was later delayed until this summer. As of today, Capcom has informed players of when it will now be coming and today announced a new release month for July. No specific date within the month was given just yet, but we'll surely hear something more quite soon with July being right around the corner.

If you still haven't played for yourself, you can look to pick up Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. And if you'd like to get a look at everything else that has been announced during E3 2021, you can head to our coverage hub right here.