Resident Evil Village Fans Have Probably Been Mispronouncing Lady Dimitrescu's Name

Resident Evil Village’s most popular character is Lady Dimitrescu by far, but most people prefer to just call her “Tall Vampire Lady” among other names if they’re referring to her. Chances are that if you have tried to say her name in the past, however, you may have been mispronouncing it. The Resident Evil Showcase event that took place this week gave some insights into the pronunciation of her name and gave fans a Capcom-approved way to say the vampire’s formal name.

Brittney Brombacher from What’s Good Games hosted the Resident Evil Showcase again this week, and at one point during that event, had to say Lady Dimitrescu’s name. Instead of pronouncing the “u” at the end of the name, Brombacher ended Dimitrescu with a “trees” sound at the end.

That probably made your ears perk up if you heard it during the showcase as it was happening since we’ve seen the character so often but hadn’t heard the name pronounced, and it probably went against the way you might’ve assumed it’d be pronounced. When asked if that pronunciation was correct, Brombacher said it wasn’t the first time she’d been asked that and that the pronunciation came straight from Capcom. After speaking the name during the filming of the event, Brombacher said Capcom signed off on it, so according to Capcom, that’s the way the name is said.

That doesn’t mean that everyone’s on board with it, however. Some people have referenced the origins of the Dimitrescu name and have suggested that despite Capcom saying this way is fine for Resident Evil Village, that might not be the correct way to pronounce the name after all. Those who rejected the pronunciation said the “u” should be spoken at the end to create a “ku” sound instead of leaving it silent.

Lady Dimitrescu is clearly a core part of Resident Evil Village, so players will undoubtedly be hearing her name all throughout the game which means there’ll soon be no misunderstanding of how her name is supposed to be pronounced. Resident Evil Village is getting a demo starting on Saturday for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners with more demos coming afterwards as well, so perhaps we’ll be able to hear her name in-game sooner rather than later if it shows up in one of those demos.