Resident Evil Village Reveals New Limited-Time Demo for All Platforms

We heard just last week via a recent leak that Resident Evil Village might be poised to receive a second demo prior to the game's official release next month. Well, during today's latest Resident Evil Showcase event, Capcom confirmed exactly this by announcing that a new demo for the upcoming survival-horror game, although it won't be available for long.

Capcom will be holding a single window in which players across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC to check out Resident Evil Village. Capcom will give players have 60-minutes in total to check out two locations from the game which includes the castle and the village itself. This demo phase, however, isn't something you'll be able to download and play whenever you like. Instead, it will only be playable for a 24-hour window across May 1st and May 2nd in North America.

However, much like the last demo for Resident Evil Village, Capcom has done something special for those on PlayStation platforms. Rather than only giving PS4 and PS5 owners one window to play this demo, they'll have more opportunities to check the game ahead of time. In what Capcom is calling "8 Hours in Village", PS4 and PS5 players will have an 8-hour window across April 24th and April 25th in North America to play a new castle demo, which lasts 30-minutes in total.

As a whole, this is a lot to take in but the short of it is that Capcom is going to give you an extensive look to check out Resident Evil Village before it releases. While doing so in a timed manner might seem odd, this is something that Capcom has actually done in the past when it released a demo for the remake of Resident Evil 2. To see the company return to this format, as such, isn't all that shocking.


If you're looking forward to picking up Resident Evil Village next month, the game is poised to drop on May 7th for all of the aforementioned platforms.

Are you going to give this new timed demo a shot when it comes to your platform of choice? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.