New Resident Evil Village Mod Allows for Third-Person Play

Ever since Resident Evil 7 decided to shift the series to the first-person perspective, some [...]

Ever since Resident Evil 7 decided to shift the series to the first-person perspective, some longtime fans have been pining for a return to the third-person style of play seen in entries like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. And while the latest installment in the series, Resident Evil Village, still takes place from the first-person view, one fan has now modded the game to make it a third-person shooter instead.

Yes, if you're desperate for Resident Evil Village to play from the third-person perspective, that's something you can now make a reality. The mod, which was created by a user named FluffyQuack, allows players to freely swap between first and third-person viewpoints at their own discretion. Since this is a mod, however, it's something that only those on PC platforms can look to take advantage of.

While this idea might sound perfect in theory to some fans, the mod for Resident Evil Village isn't without some downsides. Perhaps the most notable of these is that Ethan Winters, the main protagonist of the game, looks a bit janky from this perspective while playing. Guns don't fit his character model very well and the entire upper half of his body really doesn't move in the slightest. Instead, the main actions that we can see are derived from his arms and legs.

According to the mod's creator, there are also some other potential issues to take into account. For starters, the camera can sometimes glitch through walls. FluffyQuack also recommends that users don't play the game at a frame rate higher than 60fps as it can sometimes screw up the camera.

Still, while it's not without a few issues, this is a cool thing to have available. Even if you're not looking to play the entirety of Resident Evil Village in this manner, it might be fun to check out for a subsequent playthrough of the game, assuming you have already finished it once.

As a whole, Resident Evil Village is available to pick up right now and is on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can also check out our own review of the game right here if you're interested.

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